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Dashboard Reporting System

Dashboard Reporting System is a standard where all reports are associated with business processes that are contained within the system. You have the ability to specify all the different sorts of information that the reports should hold, and the ways in which the information needs to include in the report. All in all, a dashboard report helps organizations monitor and track performance to stay in control of their business at all times

Data Analytics (Dashboard)

Access all key reports from one dashboard. If you filter on dimensions, you will be able to put the entire reporting function at once glance. This will help them in the creation of dashboard as per their dimensions. These include:

Part Purchase Dashboard

Part Sale Dashboard

Vehicle Services Dashboard

Sales - After Sales - Spare Parts

One Size For All Devices

Safe Cloud Storage

All of your repairs are safely stored in cloud. You can easily find customers, any vehicle and their history at any time. All the invoices are available for download in pdf format.

It is the central web data management system which covers all modules, that are fully integrate with each other

Share Workflow

  • Share workflow speeds up the sales process management, creating alerts & approvals with drag & drop ease
  • The customer could review and approve your invoice, via cell phone
  • You could notify to your customer about new issues and will get approval via cell phone
  • You can also view the detail of issues, via sent image

Business Segments

  • Truck
  • Cars
  • MotorCycle
  • Raksha
  • Marine
  • Generators

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