365 - Dealership Management SystemSolution for every department in single integrated DMS at Dealership

Auto Dealer Workshop Management System

Auto Dealer Workshop Management System Records and controls at the full range of operations when delivering customer service request. For example: the creation of work order, parts allocation, and billing to customer. With our management software dealers not only maintain vehicles parts but also can track the customer as well as job estimate, correspondingly

Job Estimation

Work Order Management

Stock Issuance

Invoice & Payments

Customer Experience

WMS Features

Job Estimation / Quotation

It will help to ensure customer servicing job and parts price estimate or quotation manageemnt

  • Customer Master Detail
  • Customer Vehicle Information
  • Select Schedule and booking time for on demand activities
  • Enter Labor and Parts price
  • Print Estimate or quotation to customer
  • Assign follow-up tasks to service represented

Jobcard / Work Order

Service Management module has been developed in the way to automate and to make easier routine functions of service employees. Functions of this module ensure accounting of service operations – starting from work, spare part and external service accounting to registration of mechanics’ work time.

  • Customer Master Detail and Customer Vehicle Information
  • Select Schedule and booking time
  • Enter Labor, material & lubricant, outside maintenance and internal repair
  • Automation parts requisition
  • Integrated with manufacturer catalogues
  • Warranty Management, Free Service Management
  • Ensures traceability including information on acar owner, service history, warrantees, insurance;

Stock Issuance

Service Management module generate the part or Lubricant requisition to parts department. Spare Parts module fully capable to take stock and issue against jobcard / workorder and direct sale.

  • Stock Taking
  • Stock issuance against jobcard/workorder and Direct Sales
  • Stock Return
  • Enquiry for current stock position

Invoices & Payments

A simple selection invoice builder to generate PDF invoices to handover or send to your customers.

  • Create Performa Invoice / Billing to service customer
  • Payment receipt against Invoices
  • Payment to vendor for payable invoices
  • Advance payment
  • Aging to monitor report of invoices

Customer Experience

Keep your customer coming back – Follow the customer who satisfied or not into system to call them for next appointment. Invitation call to customer those Schedule repair is pending according to standard millage

  • Appointment (Schedule & Planning)
  • After Sales Service Follow-up
  • Next Service Reminder Letter
  • SMS Alert
    • Invoice of Work Order
    • Reminder
    • Appointment


  • Manage Customer Vehicle history and tracking
  • Allows to schedule and organize work in differentworkshops at the same time;
  • Plan service by booking time for on demand
  • activities, processing PDI requests andforecasting service maintenances;
  • Revive working plan by keeping plan up to date
  • Helps to get more from analysis and control of your business by evaluating efficiency of used resources
  • Easy automatic and manual rescheduling visits
  • Service packages
  • Online payment by KuickPay

Sales - After Sales - Spare Parts

One Size For All Devices

On the Premises

Software is a type of software delivery model that is install and operate from a customer in their house server and computing infrastructure. It utilizes an organization’s native computing resources and requires only a license or purchased copy of software from an independent software vendor

On the Cloud

System’s hardware and software antiquated, creating costly capital expenditures. New trend of organizations to move software on clouds to avoid cost of any hardware and software infrastructure. Let’s view some major advantages of your solution on cloud. Software as a Service (SaaS) model that has transformed the way millions of organizations manage their human resource functions today

Safe cloud storage of all your records

All of your repairs are safely store in cloud. You can easily find customer, any vehicle and history at any time. All invoices are available for download in pdf format
Central web data management system cover following modules. All modules are fully integrates with each other’s.

Share workflow with customers

  • Customer can review and approve your invoices, via cell phone
  • You can also notify your customer about new issues and will get approval, via cell phone
  • You can view details of issues, via sent images

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