What is workshop management system ??

What is workshop management system ??

Workshop Management System can manage entire workshop business operation using. WMS is integrated with Spare Parts Inventory Management System and Financial Accounts. It enables you to with following features

workshop management system

Workshop management system process

introducing 365dms workshop management system the vehicle health check workshop management system powered by 365dms is the workshop management system of the future that has already proven itself in several companies.


workshop management system process

365 makes every workshop more accurate and more efficient than ever before and it’s very user friendly 365dms is a web-based smart software application easy to use on a tablet laptop or smartphone reducing excessive paperwork for the mechanics and other.


After-sales staff instead of writing everything down and running around with paper the technicians utilize a user-friendly interface to inspect the vehicle according to predetermined check lists the technician enters any required maintenance or repair issues all information goes directly into the online dealer management system.


even adding internal comments and photos to clarify any issues is possible and 365 dms is suitable for every car that visits your workshop based on the real-time data entered by the technicians and the parts department the service advisors completes a digital quotation ready to be presented to the customer.

Workshop management system Modules

  • Administration Setup
  • Customer Master
  • Customer Vehicle
  • Job Estimation
  • Work Order / Jobcard
  • Customer Billing
  • Covering Letter to OEM
  • Field Technical Report
  • Warranty Claim Management
  • Service History Card
  • Vehicle Tracking Board
  • Dashboard Reporting

it’s also possible to send the quotation directly by email to the customer the outcome is immediately stored in the system and communicated online to the parts department and mechanics the technicians can get the work done without any interruption another.


Sending Emails or Contact via Phone

Important element is the extra service to the customer deferred repairs future maintenance and MOT are recorded in the 365dms system for example if the mechanic identifies that the tyres need to be replaced within the next 10,000 kilometers or is it now time for the MOT 365dms ensures that the customer is informed by automatically sending an email SMS all producing.

a telephone reminder the reaction from the clients and positive motor the klom be triggered by the Omaha Rajesh inductor lady that I only put up London marshmallow you know therefore that this kind of proactive after sales activity.

Customer Care And Customer Support | Workshop Management System

increases customer satisfaction and boosts your after sales profit has already been proven in more than 30 affiliated workshops you safe corn sheller console once per day for good very transparency hoping and found understand in ApS a freshly Tetons feeling the materiality made faster checklist me report today he Street the evey HC provides you with online access to all relevant data real-time 24 hours a day seven days a week with a simple mouse click you have insight into the performance within your workshop parts and service departments innovative and performance enhancing the future for every workshop experience what the electronic vehicle health check workshop management system can do for your organization

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