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Financial Accounts Management

Financial Accounts Management System is a software program that gathers data and generates reports such as ledgers, trail balance data, overall balance sheets and quarterly income statements. Moreover, it also provides you accuracy in financial reports and other transactions. By using accounting software, it can helps you to save time and money, and it also offers you valuable insight into your business. Investing in a computerized accounting system, it can be one of the best decisions you can make for your business. All in All, Our software is design, from the ground level, to meet the highly specialize requirements of non-profit and public organizations, accounting for contracts and grants or by program activity.

What We Cover in Financial Module

Master Setup

  • Segmentation
  • Cost Center Setup (Project Management)
  • Opening Balance Setup
  • Budget Allocation
  • Chart of Accounts Creations (5 Level)
  • Bank Books Creations
  • Cash Books Creations
  • Journal Books Creations



A transaction can be defined as an exchange of goods or services between two parties.

  • Cash Payment Voucher
  • Cash Receipt Voucher
  • Bank Payment Voucher
  • Bank Receipt Voucher
  • Journal Voucher
  • Cheques Entry on Bank Payment and Bank Receipt
  • Cost Center Entry on Vouchers


  • Chart of  Accounts Reports
  • Cheque Reports
  • Cost Center (Ledger & Audit Trail)
  • The Ledgers (Posted & Un-Posted)
  • Voucher Definitions ( JV, Bank Accounts and Cash Accounts)
  • Opening Trail & the Trail Balance
  • The Voucher Printing
  • Overall summary of the Accounts
  • Profit, Loss & the Balance Sheet

Sales - After Sales - Spare Parts

One Size For All Devices

On the Premises

Software is a type of software delivery model that is installed and operated from a customer in-house server and computing infrastructure. It utilizes the organization’s native computing resources and requires only a licensed or purchased copy of software from an independent software vendor

On the Cloud

Outdated System’s hardware and software, create costly capital expenditures.The new trend of organizations is to move software on clouds in order to avoid from cost of any hardware and software infrastructure. Let’s view some major advantages of your solution on cloud. Software as a Service (SaaS) model that has transformed the way millions of organizations  manage their human resource functions today

Safe Cloud Storage

All of your repairs are safely stored in cloud. You can easily find customers, any vehicle and their history at any time. All the invoices are available for download in pdf format.

Data management system which covers all modules, which are fully integrate the central web with each other.

Share Workflow

  • Share workflow speeds up the sales process management by creating alerts & approvals with drag & drop ease
  • The customer could review and approve your invoice, via cell phone
  • You can also notify your customer about new issues and will get approval via cell phone
  • You can also view the detail of issues, via sent images

Business Segments

  • Truck
  • Cars
  • Motor Cycle
  • Rickshaw
  • Marine
  • Generators

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