Auto Dealership Management System-CRM Function

Customer Tracking

Today’s vehicle sales expect an easy buying process by the use Customer tracking alternate of CRM to make the experience as convenient and streamlined as possible by Using Customer Tracking System
Customer tracking system helps your employees give customers a faster, more convenient experience and gives you better oversight through the entire sales process using a central view with all the data you need to make more profitable decisions and easily communicated to client their previous sales history.
Integrating CRM with all your Front-Office solutions is key to saving time.

Lead / Enquiry Management

Capture customer information in CRM .
It offers customizable web forms that turn your digital marketing campaigns into lead generation machines.
  • Capture new leads from various sources.
  • You can add the source of the lead.
  • Approve leads and assign follow-up tasks to sales representatives.
  • Assign follow up due date and priority According to customer interest.
  • Add product and product quantity the lead has enquired for, convert your lead to order.

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