Auto Dealer Management System

Auto Dealer Management System

We introducing a Auto Dealer Management System that enables the Sales, Service, and Spare parts, Distributor, supplier. Moreover, it also set up Financial Accounting uniquely to Vehicle Authorized Dealers together with Authorized Importers.Similarly, it also implement dedicated O.E.M simultaneously for your software. Our first priority is to dealer management system that provide our client to give multiple module to give complete automate system


Auto dealer management system


‘DMS’ is a widely used acronym in the auto dealer industry that stands for dealer management system. A DMS is traditionally known as a software platform dealers use for managing their vehicle inventory, deals (cash, finance, wholesale, buy here pay here (BHPH), etc.) customer information, credit reports and printing paperwork.

In the past, many dealers found the need to login to separate software systems to truly run their business. On top of a traditional dealer management system platform, a dealer may need to login to another system to submit deals to lenders, another to manage their customer communication (CRM) and yet another to manage their website and online marketing and possibly more.

Some of listed Dealer management system (DMS) Modules:

  • Customer Tracking
  • Vehicle Sales Management
  • Workshop Management System
  • Parts Inventory Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • OEM Portal

Customer Tracking | Dealer management system

Today’s vehicle sales expect an easy buying process by the use Customer tracking alternate of CRM to make the experience as convenient and streamlined as possible by Using Customer Tracking System

Customer tracking system helps your employees give customers a faster, more convenient experience and gives you better oversight through the entire sales process using a central view with all the data you need to make more profitable decisions and easily communicated to client their previous sales history. most basics module of dealer management system

Integrating CRM with all your Front-Office solutions is key to saving time.

Vehicle Sales Management | Dealer management system

This module allows you to create sales proposals for customers. Through it, you are given the ability to either pick the required car from the inventory or importer warehouse. You may set the vehicle price automatically (via the vehicle setup form). You can also transfer sales proposals to sales orders, and enter all of the information vital to the transaction of a sale.

Workshop Management System | Dealer management system

Integrated Workshop Management System can manage entire workshop business operation using. WMS is integrated with Spare Parts Inventory Management System and Financial Accounts. It enables you to with following features.


Parts Inventory Management System | Dealer management system

With 365DMS Parts Inventory Management and tracking tools, organizations have the power to manage inventory across multiple locations with ease, and track it using FIFO, LIFO or moving average accounting methods. Take your Maintenance, Repair and Operations inventory management to the next level by purchasing and receiving parts, associating parts with assets and PMs, and quickly locating inventory items.

Financial Accounting Management | Dealer management system

Financial Accounting Management is the software in which business transactions are recorded systematically, in the various books of accounts and it is integrated with WMS & DMS.

OEM Portal | Dealer management system

Originally Equip Manufacture, OEM Portal is design for parent company to done administrative work, control, approvals and view all dealers transaction using traditional reports and Dashboard for business decisions.


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